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To those reading this who aren’t running their own business may I very respectfully suggest that you leave here, as those of us that do, know that it’s very different to working for a company (and that’s genuinely not meant to be patronising). Running a business means that the owner(s) have to wear a lot of different hats, and Sales & Business Development are often the ones that people enjoy least. It takes a certain mindset & focus to generate leads, and to kiss the frogs to get the prince or princesses! At Digital Associate we understand the challenges that SME Business owners face, and we help them overcome them, and generate leads, sales & repeat customers. And we do if from as little as £500 a month (ex vat) so we deliver a Return on Investment Fast (calculate the lifetime profitability of a new customer-it will be a lot more than £500 I guess!). Call for a no obligation chat on 01244 458825. PS. If you want a flavour of some of the areas that we can assist in have a look at the graphic shown.