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First make sure that your target database has the details of the decision makers/influencers (the old rule works, seek the ‘MAN’ -the person that has the Money, Authority & Need to buy your product or service).

If you’ve acquired prospect contact information through Pay Per Click then re-target them (e.g. get your impressions in front of your previous ‘Click through’s  for less). If you have the contact information through other sources you can similarly get your key messages (say 3-5 key differentiation points about your business) in front of your target audience by inputting their data into the social media platforms  (most e mail addresses link to more than 1 such account!) and targeting them for messages (think of how you’ve been onto a website, say an airline. and their messages appear to follow you for days or week afterwards).

If you want this translating there’s plenty of experienced professional Digital Marketers to assist! Chris Williams is pretty good at it!