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It’s not a ‘ruse’ or a clever ‘attempt’ to get business by stealth, and please look at the 2nd to last paragraph.

I’m an ex Sales & Marketing Director from the construction Industry (see past experience here: who in recent years has worked with SME businesses building sales & customers in B2B markets. Whilst not exclusively using my former knowledge & contacts with every B2B customer I always like working in Construction & Building Materials as it’s so well understood and results are easy to achieve! Along the way I’ve built up a good portfolio of associates who I utilise where required for specialist support in areas such as Website Development, Pay Per Click, Telemarketing (Decision Maker establishment & campaign follow ups etc.) and Graphics etc. I’ve undertaken the Project Management, Customer Liaison & Direct Marketing element. I’ve long believed that there was a gap in the smaller to medium material manufacturers & distributors, and my customer base usually are attracted by the ‘Big Agency Experience without Big Agency Costs & Egos’ approach. However in working with, for and interacting with others in my circle over the last 2-3 months I’ve been genuinely dumbstruck by some of the figures quoted & invoiced by suppliers into this Industry. Now if you’re an FT250 company who wants the window-dressing & glitz of the the Big Agency fair enough, but I know that there are a good number of growing SME businesses who need help for more sensible numbers. Having led such a business (in Joinery) from £6M to £20M organic growth in the 1990’s I believe I’m qualified to talk about it, but the techniques & media available now are quite different 20 years on and it’s those I use now! I’m not going to ‘give away’a business model or idea here, but suffice to acknowledge that I need to test & fine-tune the concept with a couple of Manufacturers or Distributors and I’m prepared to subsidise the model heavily in this stage. If you have a UK based SME Business looking to grow sales & customer base in this market I’d like to talk with you and discuss how we could help each other. 01244 456541 Ian Frost