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You’ll know the old expression about waiting a while for a bus & then along come two! Well today after a relatively quiet month to date (it is the holiday period so not a surprise) I had 5 Bus’s come along on the same day! That is to say 5 really good prospective new customers got in touch from different methods. 2 were referrals & recommendations which are always nice, one was from a follow up to Direct E Mail Marketing (fish in the right ponds & you’ll catch good fish!) & the second came from LinkedIn (directly & indirectly).

I could use up the cliche directory in one brief note hear but ‘you create your own luck! If you keep engaging with your prospective audience and when you get into dialogue listen, identify their needs & prescribe the right solutions, you’ll get new business & new customers.

We do it for our customers too & we’d love to hear from you ahead if you want a few Great Days! – Business Growth Generators