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Everybody has a pivotal period in their career, that accelerates their growth & personal development and success with it,and Dale Joinery in the 90’s was mine. The experience of joining that business at £3M turnover (in 88?) as its Marketing Agent, joining it in person at £5M sales as Marketing Manager, then becoming, at £6M sales, Sales & Marketing Director and overseeing organic growth to £20M in just over 6 years was incredible.

The Business world of today is different in many ways, and the Digital Marketing platform gives a different ability to target and reach individual prospects in a way that was unforeseen 20+ years ago! However the manufacturing processes, market requirements and knowledge gained in that period remain little different. So if you own, run or oversee a joinery business I’d love to talk without obligation.

NB, I left in the late 90’s (I subsequently ran JeldWen’s Merchant business of about £85M) and the owners sold afterwards & the subsequent purchasers took a great business under within a few years-tragic.