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At Digital Associate we help SME Businesses to do this quickly & efficiently, and arrange or involve ourselves in as little or as much of the things needed to achieve this.

And that’s why we love what we do, as no two businesses are ever the same. Most companies are at different stages of evolution and a prompt assessment of what is required (and what isn’t ) and then a simple straight forward set up of the activities required brings a process to build business, and we teach, train, advise or implement on or with the customer’s team as required. We are particularly adept in growing sales for customers in B2B markets (where the use of a good CRM, regular informative communication & generating traffic towards well crafted landing pages brings results) but equally happy to grow business in B2C markets where we often find that Pay Per Click & Social Media is more influential. However we don’t prescribe a course of action until we find the Business needs, and then we work to fulfil the company’s requirements (see