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We have taken on 2 bright young Digital Marketing Apprentices (Graduate entry level-they both chose this path rather than building a debt at University!), and the part time services of an experienced Graphic Designer that I’ve used for 3 years on a freelance basis (the lady in question did several illustrations & typography on our own site for example).

They all need to be ‘integrated’ and ‘bedded in’, under the supervision & direction of my business partner and I. It’s preferable that they work on some ‘real jobs’ regardless of how long they take (as long as they cover cost). NB. They are not novices set loose to build something with no knowledge – they’ll follow our direction and framework!

It’s a genuine offer to produce a Website (No videos, 5 Page Maximum, Sensible rules!) for a one off price, that I’m not going to show here but will tell you upon contact (once we understand the brief, imagery requirements, copywriting requirements (I do that) etc. we’d give you an exact price). NB. The normal rules of website production would apply – 50% Deposit upon commencement & 50% upon acceptance & completion.