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There’s a collection of metaphors mixed in the morning! Search Engine Optimisation is the tortoise, it will get to the finish line…but slowly. Steady work applied across on a number of different areas will bear fruit for your website’s organic ranking, but it will take time to get you onto Page 1 (and anybody telling you differently is being disingenuous). Pay Per Click (AdWords), when correctly set up, planned & managed will give you instant visual impressions on Page 1 of searches & some pretty fast click through’s & enquiries. Furthermore a well managed PPC campaign will help accelerate the key words that your prospective customers use in their online searches that in turn will accelerate the work needed to help your SEO activity-the two go hand in hand . The Ark needs both the Tortoise & the Hare in time! We specialise in Tortoise & Hare recruitment & management for SME Businesses for less than you think (think 3 figures not 4 for more customers than not). Please contact me without obligation or read