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We suggest that you shouldn’t spend another penny on website traffic generation…..not until you consider how you should be turning more existing visitors into loyal & profitable customers ahead.

Often from our experience many website owners will spend more & more money at traffic generation (often in increasing frustration or desperation) ,when history shows that the fastest, most reliable way for you to increase your website derived profitability is normally to improve the % of website visitors who you turn into qualified leads and then quickly convert into new customers.

Recognising that every % increase in your conversion rate adds more profit into your business (without overburdening your traffic budget) you will be helped to become more cost effective & more productive with 3 months typically.

And be aware that when you boost your conversion rate, you will also help to ‘scale up’ the sales resulting, and thereby ensure that your business can enjoy rapid growth — by transforming currently non-profitable traffic into profitable traffic & currently profitable traffic into very profitable traffic.It’s straightforward when you step back and look at it afresh we find in our dealings with most customers.