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The good thing about Digital Marketing is that it is 100% Measurable, the bad thing is that not enough people running SME Businesses use it as they believe that it’s the territory of much larger businesses & therefore beyond their means-WRONG!

And the very reason I can qualify that is that 12 months ago (and at 52 years of age then) even I didn’t realise the full scope of what was achievable, but after the year with DA I do!

Your business can track its target customers, get key messages to them on different social platforms (without doing PPC first), match their profiles & find others like them & more.
We are currently running a Facebook campaign to a specific audience, on a small budget, where quality clicks are 25p.

In short there is no reason not to get your business’s message to a prospective customer target audience in a very focused fashion, and then re-engage with them on a regular basis, to get quality lead generation for significantly less than old methods (if you’re reading this I got to you for free for example!). We are experienced marketers (not kids) who understand the SME Business Owner’s language & need for a proven Return on Investment (of any size).
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