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Had My First Experience of Attending An Organised Networking Event This Morning for Probably A Year, and It Was Interesting…………….

I actually went primarily to listen to the speaker who was talking about the GDPR (General Data Protection Register) that comes into effect next May.
But then I thought there’s a chance to talk to a few others in business in my local area (Chester) as it would be nice to do so as the majority of our customers are across the UK outside of my local area.

Well of the 51 attendees I recognised about 15% from networking in 2015/16 and as serial attendees! Then I took away the legal, recruitment, training, accountancy, business consultants, digital marketing co’s (and hey guilty on the last 2 counts in part also!) and multi-level marketing attendees (I declined the opportunity to sample cocoa butter skin lotion….) and thought would I come again?…
In fairness, the CEO of a Digital Marketing Company I was sat next to, turned out to be the most interesting chap & despite our overlap we got on famously over a few chats!

So Local Networking on today’s unscientific sample didn’t ‘Grab Me Back In’ in the words of Pacino, but it still has a use for some I’m sure if you want hand cream and a new accountant!