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New Year, New Marketing Start, New Customers -2 Packages Available.

Happy New Year to all readers & here’s a repeat of an offer we’ve made available twice in 2017 to 2 smaller SME Businesses , very successful it proved for both the users & us (of the 4 that used it, 3 signed up from month 2 and have been with us since & 1 is seasonal/promises business from Spring!).

At the price shown we make nothing! But we help the 2 co’s who will take it up first to lay out a platform for lead generation in 2018, and we enjoy looking at something afresh (variety is the spice of life!).

If you’re a bigger, more mature SME Business with a wider need then please contact me also as I have a different package I’m prepared to offer to a particular type of business chasing lead generation for B2B market new customers that I’m not going to put in print, as it’s genuinely only for particular types , but if you fit then you can’t lose!

I’m on 01244 458285 or for a no-obligation chat about either!