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Conversion Rates of Sales Enquiries (and more importantly improving them) is a critical factor in growing your SME Business.

At a digital marketing workshop, we did last year this was probably the most actively listened to part of our seminar! We ran through campaigns that we run through for Legal Practices (we have a proven model that typically delivers Family Law Solicitors 40 good sales enquiries a month) and we demonstrated the differences between different customers successes in converting.

The worst converter typically converts 1 in 5 sales leads, whereas the best converts1 in 1.5 (2 in 3 to be precise!) -WHY?

Well, there’s certain correlation that relates to the speed of handling & follow up, quality/seniority of person handling the first stage enquiry, and the ’empathy’ and nature of the handling of the enquiry. Now in truth, it’s a mystery to us why everybody wouldn’t seek to maximise the conversion rates, and learn from best practice elsewhere (but horse to water springs to mind!).

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NB. Image credit – Shutterstock