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Free, Nothing, No Cost, Risk-Free- I’m going to post this quietly in the evening quiet zone.

PPC (AdWords, Paid search) frightens a lot of people in business, and bad experiences with Google (or Bing) sucking a budget dry rapidly with every day as you learn the ropes can be off-putting.
Now we have about 25 years of PPC experience success (through my business partner Chris and Mike) that makes sure you avoid those pitfalls and gets a Return on Investment by homing in on the value, conversions and key attributes that new customer enquiries can bring. Utilising a variety of subscription services we can analyse the market opportunity, your competitor’s activity, budgets & campaign details and make it pay in Month 1.

To prove this, for a certain number of businesses (we seek particular sectors, product & service areas & geographies) we are prepared to set up & manage the first month free, with no commitment thereafter (all you pay is the Google spend, but directly, nothing comes to us) in a number of cases. There’s a protection we have to avoid being ‘used & abused’ and I’ll happily explain it straight up to any enquirer, but it’s a genuine FREE chance to make PPC work & PAY from Month 1.

Call 01244 458285 & I’ll explain without obligation.