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Do you know what your companies website must display by law? You may want to read more below!

So, in essence, ‘What Information and Where?’ you ask! Under a range of legislation *, information relating to the identity of the business must be displayed on the website & ensure it is legally compliant. The info is best contained in the terms of use of the website and should include: Company name and number. Registered office address and place of registration. Contact details, including an email address & details of how to contact the business by non-electronic means. The VAT number of the business, if applicable & details of any trade body or regulator registration. Privacy Information The Data Protection Act (GDPR next year) and the eCommerce Regulations require that certain information is explained to visitors to a website.

A website must confirm whether it actively collects personal data relating to visitors to the website. If it does, then it needs to set out a range of further information. This can all be covered in the privacy policy for the website. Some of the information overlaps with that covered above. Cookie Disclosure-It’s necessary to notify a visitor to a website if the site uses cookies.

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