Are you tracking your conversions in Adwords?

Are you tracking your conversions in Adwords?

Or is Adwords & Pay Per Click (PPC) a Foreign Place to Your Business (Sounds nice but not sure how to get there!).

PPC is a very powerful & proven business development and lead generation tool. It’s also one that is very easy to spend a lot of money on very fast,it’s not for nothing that Google generates £Billions per year in revenue, and therefore professional management & help is self funding very quickly.

If you want to understand how best to advertise your products and/or services on the web, and how to minimise your costs whilst maximising your returns you need to talk to experts. Campaign set up, customer targeting, advert writing & all that goes with it is best handled by experienced personnel (would you put your accounts with anybody other than an accountant for example).

There’s a lot of prospective customers that are looking for what you on offer online every day, and getting to them (and differentiating your product or service) is easily managed with the right help. Once you are shown how to handle the basics you’ll soon be tracking your conversions and making the most of this fantastic lead generation tool for SME Businesses.

We can help if required. 

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