Does your B2B Business use technology to it’s advantage?

Does your B2B Business use technology to it’s advantage?

I was out early this morning for a run (more like a 2 mile stagger actually as the exertions of Saturday’s longer run made themselves felt) and I was running carrying my mobile as usual. Now in truth I don’t carry it expecting to receive or make many calls in that time but because it has a programme/app on it (S Health on a Samsung Galaxy Note) that very conveniently records the mileage/steps/time I exercise each day, and I’ve grown to quite appreciate the function since I changed to this phone some months ago.

At one stage I passed , or rather saw across the road, 2 PPE clad construction type workers walking along, each deeply engrossed in reading something each on their Mobile Phones, oblivious to who was approaching them. It was a Mother pushing a pram with a mobile cradled between her ear & shoulder engrossed in a conversation.

If whoever invented mobile smart phones could see the snapshot in time of the four of us converging using the technology in different ways they’d likely have been very proud! Can you remember a lifetime without mobile technology?-it seems a long time ago and most of use it pretty much 24/7 or a majority of our waking and working hours at least.

The way you market your business can benefit from this change in technology and lifestyle as most people access information ‘on the go’. A well targeted and well written e-mail communication will get to a well prepared database in seconds, and start the process of engagement and interaction with new prospective customers. Mobile phones & tablets don’t get accessed weekdays only, in office hours, and have no ‘gate-keepers’ like company switchboards often do. I’m not advocating Spam mailings I should add! But using well prepared databases and using a good CRM system (here’s a free recommendation-Pipedrive, have only been using it 3 months with 3 businesses and they all think it’s superb) and well prepared marketing communications you can achieve a great deal in a short space of time.

What is important to remember however, is that whatever marketing communication model you set out on, stick to it! You will typically need 5-7 interactions with your target customer to see an engagement process commence from their end, although sometimes you will be the right person with the right offer at the right time & get lucky quickly. Look upon your communication process as the start of an on-going relationship, don’t make it too heavy, keep it informative and ‘to the point’. Differentiate your product or service offer, be consistent in your approach and think how you’d like to be perceived by others for the first time.

Engage mobile technology as part of your sales & marketing activities and you’ll reap the benefits sooner than you may imagine.

Ian Frost

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