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Luxury Toilet Hire

Lead generation & website rebranding

Luxury Toilet Hire case study 

LUXURY TOILET HIRE – This is the case when it could be argued that we almost did our job too well! Business owner Paul Lewis already knew of the results that could be achieved with Digital Associate’s Ian Frost through a very successful campaign for his Freemix Concrete ready-mix business in Essex, which was successful in generating new sales & customers from the very first campaign in 2016.

Subsequently Paul decided to utilise Ian again for his (then) other business Luxury Mobile Toilet Hire (UK) Ltd in promoting at the start of 2017 for the Spring-Summer season ahead. Firstly however Paul accepted Ian’s observation that the existing website needed to be improved, and the quality of service & reliability of delivery, allied to the outstanding condition of the hire fleet (younger than most competitors) needed to be emphasised, with a more representative upmarket feel. And thereafter the website was rebuilt, and then traffic was generated towards it from a well researched E Mail marketing campaign (example below) to a prospective target customer audience in the geographical areas agreed, in target markets identified including wedding planners, event planners & organisers and marquee businesses to name but a few.

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The results, as with Paul’s first business earlier, were instantaneous, and resulted in the testimonial below within days of the campaign’s launch:

“I have now used Ian’s services for two of my businesses & got the same great results twice! Ian had already got me new customers for my Freemix concrete business (I had to buy another unit after the first campaign!) so I was confident that Ian would achieve success for my business
Luxury Mobile Toilet Hire UK Ltd.

However even I was surprised that the very first campaign paid for itself within 48 hours! Ian’s well researched target database including wedding planners & event organisers, was put to good use and my phone rang straight away, and one of the 3 firm orders I’ve had already complimented us on the presentation & asked if they could forward our details onto 15,000 other businesses for free!?
Unsurprisingly I agreed!

Ian researches the target audience, builds the database, knows how to write arresting headlines and copy, in attractive email communications, and I’d happily endorse the results to any other Business owner wanting to build sales in a B2B market.

Ian & I have never actually met face to face yet but he’s a very valuable business support service that is totally self-funding!
I’m happy to be contacted to confirm the accuracy of the above at any time also (but not by a competitor please!)”


Subsequently the enhanced profile and competitor awareness of Paul’s business made him a ‘thorn in the side’ that resulted in an offer to buy the business, which he eventually decided to accept to concentrate on his Concrete business, as well as to take a well-deserved little less demanding time schedule.