Nanu Nanu Digital Associate Calling Earth (well the UK at least!)

Nanu Nanu Digital Associate Calling Earth (well the UK at least!)

And if you know where that prefix above comes from, it probably sets your age group as such that you remember ‘Mork & Mindy’ from the late 70’s/Early 80’s where the late great Robin Williams came into view for the first time for many of us!

And therein lie a couple of great observations & analogies:

1. Great Communication & Memorable Events transcend time, so if your company can communicate its messages in a clear and distinctive fashion, and consistently so, you can raise your profile above others.

2. At the same time the vision of how life & society may be in the future can change very much in over 30 years. Things that you do now may seem old fashioned at best, obsolete at worst within a relatively short space of time. So Digital Marketing today & the opportunities it presents to your Business are perhaps new to you now, but will soon be the norm, so why not get onboard whilst you have the opportunity?

We hope to interact with SME Businesses that wish to increase sales leads, customers and their business as a whole.

Individuals & Companies that recognise the value of outsourcing and want experienced professional help, but from relevant individuals grounded in the world of smaller to medium businesses proportionate to their needs & resources.

Both Chris Williams and I would love to speak with you if you’re in that position.

Ian Frost

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