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Online Marketing

The internet is an essential part of everyday life. If you want your business to be successful, you need an effective online marketing presence.

Businesses are evolving, and you need too to! Here at Digital Associate understands it is hard for some businesses to understand this so we offer a wide variety of online marketing tools and techniques!

There’s no denying the fact that online marketing must be a key feature – if not the number one focus – of every business. We all spend countless hours online, and the internet is where your audience is.

But online marketing isn’t just one thing. It’s many. There are dozens and dozens of ways to reach out via paid advertising, search engine optimisation and specific audience targeting.

Some areas might work perfectly for you. Some may be a waste of time, effort and resources. But with an effective plan and strategy for your online marketing, we can help maximise your returns on every front.

Adwords Advertising

Google rules the roost in advertising, and whilst there are millions of people ready to click, competition is high.

Facebook Advertising

Most us use Facebook every day. Advertising is cheap, and there are lots of ways to target potential customers.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the place for companies, employees and decision makers. Make sure you put your business in front of theirs.


When a potential customer has visited your website and left without buying, remarketing helps to bring them back.

Local SEO

When it comes to finding a business or the products we need, more and more of us want to stay local. Do you stand out?

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