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Use LinkedIn Advertising to target businesses…

…and you can jump straight to the decision makers. Whilst Google and Facebook advertising can help you reach a wide audience, sometimes you need to get specific. LinkedIn is the place to find businesses and employees – those high-quality leads who want what you are offering.

They just need to hear about you and your company.

LinkedIn Advertising is the perfect solution to reach businesses and the individuals within them. Even if you’re selling directly to consumers, LinkedIn can help you target the types of people who are likely to buy – saving you money on wasted advertising.

Get in front of the people that matter

With the right strategy in place, we can help you use LinkedIn to target the specific companies or organisations who can make a difference to your business.

Better still, we can even reach out directly to the decision makers – the product buyers, the financial directors or the CEO’s, by targeting their job title. No more wasted adverts or inappropriate leads with junior members of a team.

Generate leads from adverts, posts and messages

Using LinkedIn advertising effectively also means you can generate leads from many different areas of a business.

You don’t just need to focus on keywords or PPC, when there are lots of options to encourage engagement.

We can help promote your content to the people who’ll be interested and build awareness of your brand. We could even send your products straight to someone’s inbox, with targeted messages.

Need help with your Linkedin Advertsing?

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LinkedIn Advertising

Many businesses don’t see LinkedIn as a valid or relevant marketing tool, but LinkedIn marketing is very much a thing! LinkedIn has a huge potential and is often untouched by many companies in your industry! LinkedIn Marketing can be a very good opportunity for your business, and Digital Associate can help you with it! From posting content, display ads and LinkedIn connections there are many different paths to take when advertising on LinkedIn!

Digital Associate can help you with this by regularly posting on LinkedIn with up-to-date relevant media, and because of our specialised marketing team we can even supply short videos and graphics to help take your LinkedIn Advertising to the next level!