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Effective Local SEO makes sure your business stands out

If your company provides a service or products to a geographic area, local SEO is essential to make sure potential customers can find you easily and help you stand out from your competitors when users are searching.

By leveraging key areas like Google My Business and customer reviews, and by making sure your name, address and phone number are prominent (NAP) – we’ll get you noticed by the locals!

Get a prominent display in the search results page

Google (and other search engines) want to make sure they can deliver the most accurate and most useful results as possible when you search for something.

And because they know where you’re searching from, they reason that you’re going to want a business that’s local to where you live.

So the top results on a search page are taken up by local businesses, and the ones that stand out are those which have a prominent display, with a map, a profile image, a phone number and most importantly, a website to click through to.

Convert more local traffic – without having to pay

When a potential customer clicks a link from a local listing, it won’t cost you anything. It’s not an advert, it’s an organic result. So you get a lead without having to pay.

That’s why Local SEO can be very competitive, but we know exactly what’s needed to help your company stand out at the top. We can enhance your Google listing, build local citations and help you get more traffic.

And the best part about local traffic? It’s much more likely to convert.

Need help with your Local SEO?

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