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Our Services

Unlike other marketing companies, Digital Associate specialises in many different types of digital marketing! We are more than just a digital agency, because we can help your business as well as your online presence! We can give you a more personalised approach and help you thrive in your industry. We offer many different services and can help you in any way that your online presence is lacking at multiple different price points, but don’t just take our word for it, look at our client testimonials. If you need anymore information or want us to explain in further why we aren’t just another digital marketing agency then please contact us!

Boost your Online Marketing

Is your ad spend delivering the best possible returns? Increase your profits with smarter targeting and a better advertising strategy that attracts more clicks, for lower costs.

Google Advertising

Google Advertising

Competition is fierce and bidding costs are more and more expensive. But Google can still provide superb results.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

With cheaper costs-per-click and extremely specific targeting, Facebook advertising can bring you new customers.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Reach out to professionals, get in front of the companies that matter and jump straight to the decision makers.

Get bigger returns for your budget

Are you being smarter with your marketing budget, and making sure it improves your bottom line? We can help you pinpoint the core areas that can transform your return on investment.

Marketing Strategy

Identify your current marketing struggles, and put the plans in place to reach your goals and grow your business.

Landing Page Development

Turn the key areas of your website into essential landing pages, that attract traffic and convert leads.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Make your website work harder for you, with the small changes than can have a big effect on your profits.


Increase your advertising ROI by effectively targeting lost leads and encouraging return visits to your website.

Enhance your Sales & Marketing efforts

Have you been wasting time and resources on the areas of your business that can be done more efficiently and more effectively. Let us get to work improving your marketing productivity.

Email Automation

Get the most from your leads with minimal effort, by using automated sequences to encourage purchases.

E-Mail Marketing

Use one of the most cost effective methods of advertising to get in front of your audience, and build loyalty.

Call Tracking

Find out which areas of your marketing campaign are working, and which aren’t with unique phone numbers.

Website Analytics

Pinpoint the stumbling blocks in your customer’s journey, and get inside the heads of potential buyers.

Find the right services for your business

Every company is different. Every strategy is individual. We’ll help you find the marketing services that will be effective in your industry, and get you the growth you’ve worked hard for.

Telephone Marketing

Lead Qualification & CRM Integration, Diary Planning & Management are amongst the things we offer.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If your customers are local, make sure they can find you quickly and easily, by boosting your online presence.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Don’t waste money on ad campaigns that aren’t working for you, when we can take care of every little detail.