Call Tracking

Call Tracking

As well as telephone marketing we also offer trackable phone numbers for marketing, which is a service that allows us to record your calls and give you possible pointers to help convert more sales, or so your business can have security with each call. Whatever your reasons, at Digital Associate we aren’t like other call tracking agencies, we give you full transparency over the calls we record for you and give you helpful pointers. 


Find out which of your digital marketing efforts are working

 If your business completes sales by telephone, it can often be difficult to measure conversions from your website. How do you know which landing pages or which ad campaigns are effective, and which aren’t generating any phone calls? 

That’s where call tracking is essential 

It helps you measure, track and record all phone calls, identifies conversions and matches them with the route a customer took to contact you. 


Use dynamic numbers to measure your adverts

Call tracking works by generating unique phone numbers specific to a page on your website, a digital marketing campaign or a PPC ad. So, whenever someone sees that specific area of your marketing, they’ll have a number to call which you can track. 

Because every campaign or webpage can have a separate number, you can check the performance of each individual part of your marketing – making sure every area is working as it should. 

And if a PPC ad or a landing page doesn’t get any calls? You can change it for one that does and increase your ROI. 


Improve your phone call handling and make more sales

Recording and monitoring your phone calls – in real time – is simple with call tracking too. 

You’ll be able to qualify leads and improve customer service, and analyse what helps to make a sale, and what doesn’t. 

Use reports of conversions and actual call recordings to make sure your team are answering calls, responding correctly, and getting the sales for you. They’re great training tools for new staff and can provide excellent insight into the effects of your marketing. 

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