Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Many businesses don’t understand the importance of email marketing, they only believe that getting vast amounts of traffic is good (We agree, getting lots of traffic is good and we can help you gain more traffic too) but a huge part of any business should be the customers they have already sold to. That’s where email marketing helps. Emails can help you retain customers that have previously purchased products or services from your business and keep them coming back again and again. 

Unlike other email marketing companies, we can help you with all parts of email marketing strategy from creating the initial emails, to developing the landing pages that customers will land on. Digital Associate can help you with it all using our expert team of digital marketing specialists. 


Get right in front of your potential customers

Email marketing is one of the fastest growing advertising methods in the world for two reasons. It’s cheap and it’s effective. 

It cost’s next to nothing to send an email to a visitor to your website, and in an instant, you are under their eyes again. If your emails contain the right content (at the right time), your visitors will be reading, clicking and buying from you. 

You can even do it automatically. 


Take the extra steps to make a sale

Often, a visitor to your site is just not ready to buy. We all do it, for whatever reason. We want to look around first and think it over, before making a purchase. 

But we’re often forgetful and might not remember to come back. 

Email marketing can help solve that problem. We can help you capture the email addresses of visitors to your site, and then we can build trust, advertise your business and convince them that you have the right solutions for them. 

With email marketing automation you don’t even need to lift a finger to send a series of targeted emails. 


Re-engage old customers and increase their value

Email marketing can also be highly effective at bringing older customers back to your business. How many people have bought from you or used your services in the past that you’ve forgotten about? 

They’ve probably forgotten about you too, but that doesn’t mean they won’t want to buy from you again. 

By identifying who your customers are and what they have bought, email marketing can encourage them to re-visit your website and use your business again. The more repeat business you can get, the higher the lifetime value of your customers and the bigger your profits. 

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