Landing Pages

Landing Pages

While we can help drive traffic to your website, we also help develop landing pages so that your customers and potential traffic stays on your website. It doesn’t matter how much traffic we drive to your website if your website doesn’t keep customers engaged. Here at Digital Associate we can help with landing page design and can develop those pages so that people keep wanting more, and thus make them more likely to convert into a sale. 


Ensure your visitors see the right page, at the right time

When a visitor comes from a search engine and lands on your site, the page they start on is known as a landing page. This is likely to be the first time a visitor sees your website, your products and your brand. 

And as we all know, first impressions count. 


Landing Pages sell your business and your product

Your landing pages will be the starting point for any new visitor and if you’re at the start of a new journey, you’re going to need directions. 

A good landing page should understand exactly what your visitors are looking for and make it easy for them to find it. It will guide them on the journey down the page and most importantly, it will help them onto the next steps – buying from you. 

Landing page development ensures there are no stumbling blocks to this journey – speeding up the time and increasing the number of visitors who will generate revenue for you. 


Develop landing pages that are easy to navigate

Your landing page should tell a visitor they’ve immediately found what they were looking for and guide them to what they need. 

It should showcase your business and your brand, and shout about why you are the best solution for them. 

If your landing page looks like it might not have the answers to the visitor’s search query – or it doesn’t convince them that your business is the best option for them – then they will leave and look elsewhere. 

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