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Google is a big company, and that can scare people. Here at Digital Associate we can help you with Google Ads and PPC (Pay Per Click). Unlike other PPC agencies we add a personal touch to all our campaigns, you can talk to the same people every time you phone and get to know us. We are not just any other PPC company, here at Digital Associate we can talk you through the process and explain why we pick the keywords or the methods we pick. 


Paid search can be costly, and competition is fierce

But Google Advertising can bring big rewards. When most people think about digital marketing or advertising online, they think about Google and they pay to advertise their business there. So, competition is exceptionally fierce, and costs are continually rising. 

But over 80% of users use Google to search, and it has the potential to bring in lots of visitors, lots of revenue, and a big ROI – if you advertise smartly. 


Make your PPC budget go further, for bigger gains

Google knows how profitable its advertising is, so if you’ve been doing PPC for a while, you’ll know how costs are rapidly increasing. 

It’s more and more expensive to bid on those keywords you want your business to appear for.  But it’s not impossible, and there are lots of ways you can maximise your PPC budget and make it work harder for you. 

There’s no magic solution, but we can help make sure you’re bidding in the right way, with the right ad groups.  By looking at what isn’t working for you, we can turn that ad off and put more money into the ads that make you profit. 


Pay Per Click – convert but get the clicks that count

Even though competition is increasing, and prices are rising, Google has the potential to bring in high-value customers to your business – if you know where to look. 

It’s not always about getting cheap clicks, because cheap clicks might not become paying customers. 

But if we find the right search traffic that will buy from you and become a regular customer, we can advertise to them effectively with a strong ROI – and beat out the competition. 

Need help getting the best out of your Google Advertising?

Need help getting the best
out of your Google Advertising?

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