Remarketing is a marketing technique that re-targets adverts. For instance, with Facebook remarketing, Facebook knows what you are interested in or have recently viewed. So, if a customer has recently looked at gyms, then lots of adverts with gyms pop ups will appear. This is an example of remarketing (granted, a fairly crude one) however there are many types of remarketing we can give you if you take the time to contact us. 


Don’t let potential leads slip away and get forgotten

We don’t always want to commit to a purchase whenever we walk into a shop or visit a website. In fact, most of us will want to have a look around, think about our options and come back later.  But it’s very easy to forget where we saw something or remember the benefits of one product over another. 

Remarketing is an extremely cost-effective way to make sure those visitors don’t forget you and give you lots of options to encourage that lead to come back to your site and complete a purchase. 


Stay on your audience’s mind at every opportunity

Remarketing makes sure you get the best value from your leads – especially if you have paid to get them to your website in the first place. 

We can keep your business at the front of their minds by using the display network to show them your business – and what you can offer them – every time they’re browsing another website. 

It’s one of the best ways to ensure you’re not forgotten. 


Remind potential customers what they’re missing out on

We can even use remarketing to persuade any potential leads who have changed their mind about a purchase or abandoned their shopping basket. 

By tailoring the adverts that they see, we can remind anyone who nearly became a customer what they are missing out on. 

And because it’s so cost-effective, we can make sure that your business doesn’t lose out on revenue. 

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