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Social media marketing helps to generate traffic toward your website and to improve brand recognition, that will ultimately help turn leads into sales. It’s important to grow your organic following to build credibility and find out what type of content resonates with your followers. We will grow your audience organically by sharing updates that your followers would like, so they in turn will share and comment on it.  Digital Associate have the skills and expertise to protect and maintain the values of your brand. 

LinkedIn Marketing

Use LinkedIn Advertising to target businesses and you can jump straight to the decision makers. Whilst Google and Facebook advertising can help you reach a wide audience, sometimes you need to get specific. LinkedIn is the place to find businesses and employees – those high-quality leads who want what you are offering. 


They just need to hear about you and your company

LinkedIn Advertising is the perfect solution to reach businesses and the individuals within them. Even if you’re selling directly to consumers, LinkedIn can help you target the types of people who are likely to buy – saving you money on wasted advertising. 


Get in front of the people that matter

With the right strategy in place, we can help you use LinkedIn to target the specific companies or organisations who can make a difference to your business. 

Better still, we can even reach out directly to the decision makers – the product buyers, the financial directors or the CEO’s, by targeting their job title. No more wasted adverts or inappropriate leads with junior members of a team. 


Generate leads from adverts, posts and messages

Using LinkedIn advertising effectively also means you can generate leads from many different areas of a business. 

You don’t just need to focus on keywords or PPC, when there are lots of options to encourage engagement. 

We can help promote your content to the people who’ll be interested and build awareness of your brand. We could even send your products straight to someone’s inbox, with targeted messages. 

Facebook Advertising

When you run Facebook ads it can get confusing, so you look for a Facebook advertising agency. We can also help you with Facebook ads, and we can do it well. But that isn’t enough to make us stand out from other Facebook Advertising companies, so what makes us different? The difference with Digital Associate is that we also offer conversion rate optimisation, so if you are getting lots of clicks but not many leads, we can help turn those clicks into sales. You can learn more about conversion rate optimisation here, or you can look at our other services. 

The fact that we aren’t solely focused on Facebook ads allows us to help you in all aspects of the marketing chain. From the initial design of the ads, to the target keywords to the website conversion rate optimisation. 


A greater return on your investment 

With Google Ads becoming more expensive, Facebook advertising can give you a huge return on your investment. The power and reach of Facebook continue to grow, and aside from Google, it has the biggest potential audience for your business – 2 billion users in total. 

And its much more cost effective to reach them. 

Advertising on Facebook should form a key part of your online marketing, and we can show you how to maximise the benefits for minimal costs. With the right adverts, the right targeting and the right calls to action, Facebook ads can be a huge lead generator for you. 


Attract buyers at every stage of their journey

One of the great features of Facebook Ads is its diversity. There are lots of different styles and formats you can choose – which means you can get specific with your advertising. 

You can attract new buyers based on their interests, and share helpful posts to show your usefulness, if they’re not yet ready to buy. 

Or you could encourage potential customers to come back to your site with a unique offer and friendly reminder. 

And you can even engage current customers with advertisements for new products or services. 


Helping you convert that traffic into customers

Leads are one thing, but what if you do nothing with them? Or what if the plans and processes you have in place to deal with new website traffic and new leads mean you’re sending potential customers away? 

Your marketing plans and strategies shouldn’t stop just because you’ve got a lead. 

They should continue to work hard for you, time and again, to make sure that everything is in place to effectively turn any leads generated into paying customers, without you needing to worry. 

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