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Finding the right marketing solutions for your business can be overwhelming. With so many different directions and different types of marketing you can choose for your business, how do you decide which direction to take? First you should probably look at where your business is struggling and there will usually be a solution to fix it. This is how Digital Associate can help. 

Do any of these typical online sales and marketing challenges sound familiar to your business? 

You need to grow your business successfully

Your business has good products and services, but your current website(s) isn’t delivering to you all the quality leads and clients that you need to grow. What’s more you are aware that there must be a better way of achieving your goals seeing how others are doing so. 

You need to increase profitability annually

Your company has a good business, but despite that it is struggling to get enough leads to feed its growing team, or your team is not experienced and/ or efficient enough to increase profit and deliver the Return on Investment sought, and you need assistance. 

An increasingly complex business environment

Your business environment is becoming Increasingly complex and challenges the effectiveness of your online marketing, despite increased expenditure, or makes you think you aren’t doing it correctly in the first place. Recognising a changing environment, you want good advice. 

You need to be more efficient in your operation

Your business is growing, but it’s taking a lot of time and effort, and you think that there must be a more effective way of operating sales and marketing activity. What’s more you recognise that specialist assistance in this area should be self-funding and fast. 

You're new to digital marketing and need advice

You’ve never run an effective digital campaign before and you want to get started right away, whilst avoiding the time and financial errors that newcomers often make. You don’t want to be frightened off by people who don’t understand your business and/or don’t fit with your culture. 

Your business is lacking in automation benefits

You’re expending a lot of manual effort when time is precious and are not utilising the benefit of automation so that you can focus on your most profitable areas of work. You’ve heard about automation but you’re sceptical or need more understanding of it. 

You've bad past experiences with 'online gurus'

Your previous experience in working with website builders and developers, Google AdWords consultants and SEO agencies, and/or ‘Gurus’ in LinkedIn, Facebook and Social Media has always disappointed you, with a lack of delivery, accountability or results but you want to get it right. 

You know the web is vital for business growth

You know and fully recognise that the web is vital (if not critical) to your business growth and success and you’re looking for the right people to help deliver the right strategy and execution. The chemistry needs to be right and the effort and passion expanded reciprocal. 

If youre nodding your head as you are reading along, then Digital Associate can put together an affordable digital marketing plan to help you. Which of these sounds like your business right now? 

Sales and marketing Services

I need a sales and marketing plan

An effective marketing plan suited to my business to help it grow successfully ahead. 

Help me understand my website visitors

We can help you understand your website traffic and explain how you can use our website analytics to improve your business.

Search Engine Optimisation Services
CRO Services

I want to increase traffic

Most businesses are good at talking with qualified prospects and converting them into customersThe problem typically is that they don’t receive enough of them. 

How can we improve website conversion

Whether you call it conversion rate optimisation or conversion rate optimization, we recommend you stop wasting your money on leads until your site is optimised. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation Services
Pay Per Click Service

I need lead generation

If your business is great at converting interest into sales but isn’t as experienced in generating that interest, we can help. 

I need marketing automation

Automate repetitive tasks such as Automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions and convert more prospects to customers. 

Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing has greater risk and reward for your business than ever, why?

New customers are searching for you each day

There are lots of potential new customers searching on the web for the products and/or services that your business offer – but at the same time most of your competitors are chasing the same prospects. However as with traditional marketing the right investment will yield the right return. 

Increased competition in the market exists

This 21st century competition has driven up the competition and therefore the cost of online Pay Per Click traffic, and new customer acquisition in many cases, and this in turn can impact severely on the cost of acquiring leads and the sale conversion costs. Getting the right help is therefore important. 

The right strategy and plan are crucial to you

Whilst it is a fact that the potential benefits your business gains from digital marketing are very attractive, if you get your strategy or its implementation wrong, you’ll often slip back fast, and at a cost. But recognising business needs bold steps forward, you’re open to listen. 

We can create an effective rewarding plan for you

With our services we can help your business grow and advance. Digital Associate can provide the right strategy for your business and are able to effectively execute that plan. Think of us as an extension of your sales & marketing function to help your business grow ahead.