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Sales And Marketing Plan

An effective marketing plan suited to my business to help it grow successfully ahead


It’s important to work with experienced, successful people that can relate to your business and its needs ahead

At Digital Associate we can create detailed sales plans and marketing plans to help you understand how you need to grow your business. To learn more about our sales and marketing plan please contact us!

Your Business is very important to you-it’s future success is the reason that you put in all of time & effort that you do. By now it is likely that you will already have assembled some key members of staff whose support and assistance is vital to help you achieve your goals. But what are those goals? and how will you make them clear and understood by all of your team to ensure that you are all pulling in the same direction in the future?

A Sales & Marketing Plan shouldn’t be something that you prepare once. discuss with your Accountant or Bank Manager & then leave in a draw or on a shelf to gather dust. It is important that you make such a plan a realistic road map as to how you are going to grow your business ahead, and it must be an achievable and realistic plan, albeit it should challenge and stretch you when required, and here perhaps you may recognise the need for some professional expertise and assistance to help you?

The Directors of Digital Associate have between them half a century of relevant experience, and proven results in that time, to aid your Business and give you help in setting the direction of travel, and the assistance where you require it outside of your current in-house knowledge.

We are a down to earth, focussed Business that will assist you where & when required, and we will focus with you on the core 3M’s that you need to set. Notably:


Who do you want to sell your product/service to?

We will help you put together a detailed prospective target audience, and look at the industry sectors, geographical parameters and any other relevant selection criteria to focus on ahead.


What will your company offer be?

How will it differentiate you from your competitors, and how will it be attract your potential new customers to choose to engage with you ahead?


What will be the ways in which you best engage with & maximise the sales opportunities, and specifically through which channels?

No two customers are the same, and we may assist through different media such as PPC (Pay Per Click), Digital Marketing Channels, Social Media (LinkedIn etc.) and/or Direct E Mail Marketing, but we will optimise the best avenues for your Business, with the highest returns, at the lowest possible cost.

Marketing mix

As well as marketing communications, your marketing plan should span the full mix of marketing activities. Developing new products and building your distribution network might be important parts of your strategy, for example. You will also need to plan carefully for any price increases or tactical moves such as an end-of-season sale.

You might also want to strengthen your marketing capabilities. Note in your marketing plan whether you intend to give staff sales training or introduce new customer relationship management (CRM) technology. Maybe you need to introduce more efficient systems or measure customer satisfaction. Including activities like these in your marketing plan helps ensure that they are identified as priorities and that you dedicate time and money to them.

″We’ve been subcontracting our Search Marketing work to Chris and his colleagues for a couple of years now and they continue to impress our customers and make us look good for recommending them”.

Steve Smith- Director- Hyperext Ltd