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Website analytics

We can help you understand your website traffic and explain how you can use our website analytics to improve your business!

Understanding your website traffic can be the key to success, and Digital Associates website analytics will give you a head start

  • Perhaps you feel that recently you’re drowning in website data, but need a hand turning that information into increased profits? Alternatively, you may have been afraid to ask how to obtain the data in the first place?
  • Would you prefer to receive proven web analytics strategies to unlock the new customers, sales and increased profits that lie hidden in your website?
  • Do you need board-level reports and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboards to drive and direct your online marketing initiatives? And of a type & format suited to your business, not that of a FT250 listed company!

Web Analytics and Reporting services from Digital Associate can provide you with a practical complete & instantaneous solution to help you make sense of your website data – enhancing the benefit and understanding experience and thereby focusing your efforts on the most productive activities.

With decades of experience in practical business & website analytics and database marketing, we can help you:

  • Establish & then define & track the appropriate KPIs suited to your business, and establish suitable online marketing criteria to accurately measure, quantify and manage your progress with you.
  • Understand how, and as importantly why, website visitors are engaging with your website content, and use that knowledge to generate more visitors ahead.
  • Create a website visitor user experience and practicality that matches the visitor expectations thereby increasing average length and depth of the website visits from your prospective customers.
  • First test and then Optimise your landing pages & critical customer conversion journey paths (and possibly understand for the first time in an easy to understand way the difference between website & landing page usage).
  • Apply multivariate analysis and a number of analytical techniques to measure your website’s traffic and conversion, something we find is rarely in place for new customers.
  • Add value, if not full understanding for some for the first time, to existing Search Engine Optimisation and/or resultant Linked Marketing campaigns that you undertake, and/or recognise when there is a need to refine, re-write or possibly start again!
  • Integrate website data (e.g. search engine and keyword information) into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.
  • Track which advertising & marketing campaigns and external websites where applicable are driving desired actions, and where’s there’s room for improvement.
  • Identify new opportunities for serving your market & customers better and dominating your space online (being an innovator is better than appearing to be a replicator).
  • Stop the expensive & draining leaks that deprive you of sales and sales leads from a poorly performing website.

We believe that the Digital Associate difference is a thorough & exhaustive analytical insight, combined with marketing savvy earned over many years!

There are many other web analytics, sales & marketing, SEO & Digital consulting firms and ‘gurus’ who can help you capture and process website data.

Our speciality is helping you quickly to close the gap between this data & marketing to actually convert it into improved revenue, higher margins and increased profitability-the reason you’re in business.

Experts with Google Analytics

Because of its universal availability and many powerful features, we work scientifically with Google Analytics (the market leader). Where appropriate we will help you to extend the functionality of this powerful platform, with customised programming that helps to give you greater insight and control over the way you collect and interpret data. Data interpretation and using it successfully will accelerate your business growth for years ahead.

″I’ve worked with & used Ian in 2017 and he has done exactly what he promised to do-he’s helped us to get new trade customers, increase the customer base, and increase sales, and done it professionally & courteously.
There’s no better recommendation that I could give to Ian.

Mike Lemmings- Director- Homeshield Shutters Ltd