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Conversion rate optimisation

Whether you call it conversion rate optimisation or conversion rate optimization, we recommend you stop wasting your money on leads until your site is optimised!

At Digital Associate we can help you improve conversion rate, and not necessarily help gain more traffic (Although we can help with that too) but convert the traffic you already have into more sales! Don’t waste more money than you need to, Contact us today!


Often from our experience many website owners will spend more and more money at traffic generation (often in increasing frustration or desperation) ,when history shows that the fastest, most reliable way for you to increase your website derived profitability is normally to improve the % of website visitors who you turn into qualified leads, and then quickly convert into new customers.

Recognising that every percentage increase in your conversion rate adds more profit into your business (without overburdening your traffic budget) you will be helped to become more cost effective & more productive with 3 months typically.

And in a great way for your business be aware that when you boost your conversion rate, you will also help to ‘scale up’ the sales resulting, and thereby ensure that your business can enjoy rapid growth — by transforming currently non-profitable traffic into profitable traffic, and currently profitable traffic into very profitable traffic. It’s straightforward when you step back and look at it afresh we find in our dealings with most customers.

AND when your conversion rate becomes high enough, getting traffic no longer continues as a problem, as from then you can profitably fund all the traffic you need proportionate to your business circumstances!


Conversion Rate Optimisation gives you the economic engine you need to get more traffic and make more profit from every website visitor!

Let’s be honest here… there are many things that a business like yours needs to do to optimise their online profits

(And recognise in truth that trying to do them all yourself doesn’t usually happen, and is virtually impossible in most cases in other than the very largest businesses with the largest resources)

The chances are that you are probably already aware of things you SHOULD be optimising on your website, and if you aren’t then your need for assistance is greater still.

In the cold light of day, it’s really just a question of what you CAN get done yourself or in-house. There are usually so many constituent parts & requirements in the process of optimising your company’s website. Driving traffic and creating content, being active & effective on social media, building your target customer list, sending emails, networking and building relationships-the list is endless

Even the largest & most established of SME businesses, with lots of employees, normally finds it hard to focus & devote resources to optimising website traffic conversion, because it’s never been a priority focus and there’s always so many TIME CONSUMING other things being worked on. And how many famous businesses with deeper pockets than yours have failed in the last decade by means of example.

What’s more it’s a fact that improving performance and getting very good at conversion optimisation takes considerable time, energy & determined perseverance on your part. That’s why you may have come to recognise that this area of your business is best left to professionals, and why you’re reading this! People like us who “live and breathe, and enjoy and excel at” this part of business growth generation every day.

In addition because we’ve worked on hundreds of CRO projects before yours (we’re not novices), we’re usually able to quickly “cross fertilise” our proven concepts from other customers in other industries into your website, so that you can enjoy & benefit from our proven experience, thereby helping to gain your business some quick wins, very fast in most cases!

Here’s how our marketing results based CRO methodology will help to rapidly accelerate your website conversion rates

Over time we have put together a robust & proven methodology for delivering conversion rate improvements that are implemented in five proven stages:

Stage 1: Low Hanging Fruit

As a result of our experience and conducting conversion tests most days & weeks, we can usually identify small but important tweaks & the conversion bottlenecks in your site that we can quickly remedy, usually resulting in a number of fast and simple quick wins for your business-result!

Here a few typical examples that we often find: weak benefits in customer headlines… or the wrong type of benefits in your headlines (your copy should be written in the prospect’s language), not enough benefit proof elements, or the right proof but in the wrong place. In addition, we often find weak or missing calls to action, frequently combined with formatting mistakes in your forms, and then typically this dovetails with usage of the wrong “call to action” buttons. These are the kind of mistakes & oversights that are possible, or more likely probably, costing you sales right now, so fast action is self-funding. And they are all things that can be quickly fixed. That’s exactly what we do in Stage 1.

  • Headlines
  • Target Market
  • Unique Promise
  • Problem Identification
  • Testimonials
  • Non-Testimonial Proof
  • Form Design
  • Opt-In Offers
  • List Building Strategy
  • Attention Hierarchy
  • Page Layouts
  • Calls to Action
  • Menu Structure
  • And a lot more.

Usually, we find that these straightforward tweaks to these “leverage points” can increase your conversion rate almost immediately.

Stage 2: Gaining Competitive Insights

Once that your low-hanging fruit has been accessed and consumed then we assemble competitive insights from the most successful players in your industry, both regionally & nationally (and internationally where appropriate & applicable).

We certainly don’t condone copying, mimicking or ‘loaning’….ahem competitor actions (apart from an ethical standpoint, there’s nothing to prove that they always know what’s best or haven’t copied others in truth!), but can be a quick way to determine the “conversion blueprint” of your market for you to re-engineer and re-invent to your own advantage. We subscribe to and use specialist analysis software to evaluate your competitor’s web activity. This usually leads to establishing with you:

  • The specific benefits that your customers MUST see in order to consider you as a viable alternative.
  • The successful proof elements & credibility sought of suppliers from your industry.
  • The key signals and ‘buying language’ that your prospective customers both seek and exhibit.
    What usually determines & proves winning offers vs weak (losing!) offers

The ability to analyse your competitor’s activity and establish why it is that some are succeeding, and others are not, is one of the fastest ways to learn you will typically find.

Stage 3: Implementing Conversion Research

At this stage, and following this logical sequence you should start to understand your market, competitors and derive how they exist, operate & function daily.

Now, in Stage 3, we can move on to discovering and communicating to your prospective customers:

  • How you can solve their problems better than all of your competitors.
  • How to prove every claim you make to them (referrals, testimonials, case studies etc).
  • THE best way to motivate your prospects to enquire or buy, and with a sense of induced urgency.

This phase can incorporate both qualitative methods (There are varied methods but we usually use at least some of these- Email surveys, usability testing, in-depth online interviews & other industry specific methods) as well as quantitative research methods (e.g. analytics, heat maps (yes they are looked at!),survey & analysis etc.). No two scenarios are the same.

You will find that by gaining a thorough understanding of how your best prospects operate & think, you’ll quickly be way ahead of the game, and your competitors in particular.

Stage 4: Building The Ideal Pitch

Now it’s getting interesting! Here we take the time to take all the insights gained in the first 3 Stages, and develop new web page designs, landing pages, copy, offers and other test elements to go and test directly against your current sales letter, opt in page or website.

By thoroughly & professionally getting the assistance to lay your groundwork correctly, you will now have the best possible chance of not just beating your control, but sweeping it aside fast and efficiently.

Stage 5: Conversion Testing

Now the best bit possibly! Here we scientifically test your new alternative(s) against your current version to verify and quantify conversion improvements. Using extensive and proven software, we split your traffic between the different test variations and track the conversion results. A statistical significance at the 95% level or higher is required to successfully identify & confirm the new “champion” version.

This process is frequentative in that future tests are based on the results of previous experiments. Each new test builds on the success of previous ones. It’s a ‘virtuous circle’

“In the murky world of online marketing, Chris is a breath of fresh air. Enthusiastic and with an ability to cut through a lot of bluster, he gives honest advice which most definitely helps the business. Chris has worked with us on a number of projects and has driven each to success. The online world seems to be a fast and ever changing environment and Chris seems to be right up there at the front, he makes you aware of things happening on the horizon and how to prepare your business for it. I would recommend Chris to any business looking to use his services”.

Craig Hutton- Director- MVS Car Solutions