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Most businesses are good at talking with qualified prospects and converting them into customers. 

The problem typically is that they don’t receive enough of them, that’s where Digital Associate comes in. We can help increase traffic to your website. There are many different services we offer that help to increase website traffic. 

How do I get more visitors to my website?

It is a sad fact that with most SME businesses, their owners and salespeople are usually proficient and effective at engaging with and then “closing” qualified prospective customers. The problem is typically they’re not often in dialogue with the quantity (and often the quality also) of the correct prospects for their business. That’s where they usually need more quality website traffic to be generated, and then converted into warmed prospective leads contacting the business ready to buy. 

Historically you might have found that cold calling (if it hasn’t terrified you) or other “time/ labour intensive” prospecting methods are very time-consuming. Not to mention hard, often not enjoyable work as not many people enjoy chasing strangers initially. Therefore, it does not make sense to spend your time and effort hunting for qualified leads, when your business would benefit more, and be more productive, if those same leads came directly to you instead. 

What would it mean to your company’s bottom line if you could spend less time, effort and money generating sales leads; less time and effort converting those same new prospects into new clients; and crucially if the most time and energy was focused on your most productive and profitable sales generation activities? 

Most businesses experience a big and noticeable boost in their sales when they start to generate more inbound leads of higher quality, and then focus their resources on converting those leads into clients. This in turn typically gives them an improved customer service and experience, and as a result their staff typically enjoy their roles more in the process. 

And this, above all else, is the missing piece of the business owner’s puzzle that we can provide for your business ahead. 

Invest correctly in your business and you’ll get the ROI sought.

If you are not prepared to invest in your business, then it’s very difficult for you to grow your customer base in the future. 

If you haven’t properly mapped out your sales processes or have difficulty closing the enquiries that you’re already receiving, then more leads are unlikely to be able to go to this stage, although we may be able to help you to establish and develop your sales process first (a useful first step). Or, if you’re looking for a “magic wand” and you don’t possess the will and the way to play your part by contacting these leads quickly, providing a great first impression and rewarding client experience in the process, then this is unlikely to lead to long-term success for your business. However, if you are currently getting good (or satisfactory) results converting prospects into customers, and you’re looking for more leads or enquirers to engage with — then undoubtedly, we offer an effective and proven solution to ‘scale up’ your website traffic, quality enquiries and turnover thereafter. 

And the best part to mention? Proven results.

Because we have deliberately crafted our services to ensure that your business will see definitive and indisputable bottom-line improvement within a relatively short time-frame. We know, understand and accept that Return on Investment means that customers are happy to continue their efforts and indeed accelerate them, and that is what we’re judged on. 

If the process of generating website traffic and leads online is already in place, then we would confidently expect you to see improved results in as little as a month. Thereafter, in just three months typically, you can expect to see a major improvement in your lead volume, a lower cost per lead and better lead quality overall. Just don’t expect miracles on day one, we would caution. 

Beyond the three month mark, if we’re both happy with the working relationship, we usually talk about continuing to roll out new initiatives and improvements on a month-by-month basis. There are no long-term contracts. We let our delivery and results do the talking, not a restrictive lock-in contract. We have found success and results are the best way to retain our customers. 

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