Are you using Custom Match Targeting?

Are you using Custom Match Targeting?

Following on from my note about Re-marketing (also known as Re-targeting) you should consider this, and also Customer Match Targeting.

In essence both get your message in front of a prospective target audience, albeit through a different method. The former presents messages to your website visitors through various platforms (and importantly you do not have to have used Paid Search Advertising through a particular platform like Google, or LinkedIn!, to access the platforms). The latter utilises the ability to upload the e mail addresses of your target audience and cross references them against various Social Media Platforms and then present messages to these people through a Digital Platform.

If you want to have this explained in an easy to understand format (far easier to do than write it it in 1300 words here!) please call us on 01244 735014 for a no obligation discussion.

NB. Pictured is an example of the sort of artwork formats utilised, for a valued customer, on an imminent campaign.

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