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Website analytics

Here at Digital Associate we understand that knowing where your current traffic or potential traffic (we can help you get website traffic!) is coming from or why they don’t purchase or complete the process is important! That’s why we use state of the art web analytics to track every movement your users make, all while being GDPR compliant! If you want to learn more about how we use website analytics then please contact us.

Understand the facts, figures and statistics of your website…

…to make the smartest, most effective marketing decisions. Web analytics can reveal a huge amount of invaluable information about your website, your customers and your business. They can show you where your traffic is coming from, what users are searching for, and where they go when they land on your site.

And they can tell you where, when, and WHY your customers leave without buying.

When you understand the numbers and what they mean for your bottom line, you can see exactly what your need to do with your sales and marketing plan?

Explore the demographics of your website visitors

The analytics of your website have a wealth of information on the traffic that visits your site every day. You can learn their locations, their gender, their age, and even what their interests are.

This data can be a huge help to your marketing. Use it to improve your advertising and get in front of the right audience. Learn what keywords work for your site, and use them for more effective targeting.

And stop advertising in the areas that don’t work for your business.

Identify KPIs, convert and set better goals…

…with Web analytics. You can’t have an effective sales & marketing plan without benchmarks and goals. You need to understand your current situation to know if improvements are being made.

Marketing is pointless without key metrics and realistic goals. You could be wasting all your budget on something that isn’t working, and without web analytics, you won’t know about it.

But knowing the statistics means you can make the right changes.

Need help with your Web Analytics?

Contact Us Below And Receive A 30 Min No-Obligation Chat With Ian who has over 25 years of proven results in assisting the sales growth of businesses like yours.