What’s new in Digital Marketing? Everything

What’s new in Digital Marketing? Everything

Direct Marketing (Targeted E Mail Marketing) & an emerging pattern that I’ve noticed this year! (Dons tin hat) and thinks how do I phrase this without getting a false accusation or two!

Well here goes! My (unscientifically proven, but based on a lot of regular activity in this field) observation is that ladies are less receptive to this form of digital marketing than gents! I’ve noticed this consistently by the ‘unsubscribes’ ratio from campaigns run for both clients & ourselves. At present I have 3 campaigns started this week (half-term argument is another one for another day!) & the pattern is even more noticeable.

Now I confess that we do a lot of work for B2B markets & many that are traditionally male orientated (e.g. construction related markets) but even there a pattern emerges of  female office managers and PA’s being the unsubscribes. And in a separate customer campaign, that is getting 30%+ openings (& very high conversions to calls for information) running to named solicitors again it’s the Ladies who are prone to unsubscribe.

I’m curious if anybody else sees this pattern on campaigns they run. And before the ‘clever’ comment we do have other digital marketing platforms & strategies that work successfully work for the female population!

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